In 24 years of Sony broadcast and production camcorders, there’s never been anything like the PDW-F350. Here’s the high definition camcorder with a size, weight and price that are easy to handle. Here’s an indie film camcorder with true 24P, plus overcranking and undercranking. Here’s a production camcorder, with time lapse, slow shutter and SD/HD switchable recording. And the PDW-F350 is a news camcorder, with the rugged, shock-resistant construction you can take to extremes. And that’s just for starters. Thanks to XDCAM Professional Disc™ recording, you also benefit from rugged, removable, media that costs under $30 (MSRP) for over 120 minutes of HD recording. You capture video as MXF data files. You can edit proxy A/V right on your laptop. And you can transfer footage via FTP on any data network. The PDW-F350 is good news for anyone who’s been using Betacam® SP recording and looking for the right digital upgrade. And for anyone who’s been using the DVCAM™ system and looking for the best transition to HD. In fact, for anyone who’s been waiting for the right high definition camcorder, the PDW-F350 is a signal. The product is right. The format is right. The time is now.


Camera Section

● Three 1/2-inch type SuperHAD™ CCDs with 1.5 megapixel resolution

● Accepts half-inch lenses directly, 2/3-inch lenses via optional LO-32BMT adaptor (multiples lens focal length by 1.37X)

● Choice of 60i/50i or true 24P/25P/30P capture: one world, one camcorder

● Overcranking and undercranking: selectable frame rates from 4 to 60 fps adjustable in 1 fps increments

● Slow shutter for beautiful blur effects (up to 64 frame accumulation)

● Interval recording for time lapse effects

● 3.5-inch widescreen LCD (viewable area, measured diagonally)

● 2-inch widescreen B/W viewfinder (viewable area, measured diagonally)

● Built-in ND filter with clear, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64 positions

● Freeze Mix helps you match shots

● Auto focus with compatible lenses

● Supplied Remote Commander® unit

Recorder Section

● XDCAM HD system with the beauty of 1080-line HD and the superior efficiency of MPEG-2 Main Profile at High Level long-GOP encoding

● HD and SD in one camcorder: switchable 25 Mbps DVCAM™ recording

● 18, 25 or 35 Mbps HD recording with a choice of variable bit rates (18 and 35 Mbps) or 25 Mbps constant bit rate recording for compatibility with HDV™ 1080i tape recorders and editing systems

● Professional Disc™ media with 23.3 GB capacity and under $30 MSRP; affordable running at less than $0.25 per minute (18 Mbps)

● The longest recording time of any HD camcorder currently available: more than 120 min. (18 Mbps); 90 min. (25 Mbps); more than 60 min. (35 Mbps)

● Four channels of uncompressed audio: 16-bit/48 kHz

● Scene Selection using thumbnail display in the LCD monitor; direct access to clips without fast forward or rewind

● Cuts-only editing in the camcorder

● Shock resistant mechanism has already been proven in snow, rain, extreme temperatures, dust and smoke

● Downconversion from HD to SD at the i.LINK® interface (DV mode)*

Inputs and Outputs

● i.LINK® interface* supports File Access Mode and DV OUT

● HD-SDI output for live applications; compatible with HD-SDI monitors, routers, switchers, NLEs and recorders

● 8-pin remote interface for optional RM-B150, RM-B750

● SD analog composite video output

● 5-pin stereo XLR audio output

● 5-pin stereo XLR mic input

● Two 3-pin mono XLR line/mic/mic +48V inputs

● Stereo earphone output

● Separate Time Code input and output

● Genlock input

● DC input (XLR 4-pin)

● DC output 4-pin

● Memory Stick® media slot for camera setup files

● AF lens interface for compatible auto focus lenses